Need to know if VigRX Plus has any side effects? As with any type of medicine or supplement it’s always important to see if there are any potential side effects that’ll arise from taking them.

As we scoured for user feedback we did find there were some users of the product that did suffer some side effects while taking VigRX Plus.

Some of the side effects experienced were:

• Headaches


• Increased heart rate


Keep in mind these were just rare exceptions and we also don’t know if they were following the dosage instructions correctly or taking along with other medication.

The problem is there are some people looking to get quick results as soon as possible by taking more than the instructed dosage thinking it’ll lead to faster results.

Please do not take more than the instructed dosage as this can be very dangerous no matter how safe a product claims to be.

If you’re already on medication, please consult with your doctor to see if it’s okay to use in conjunction. Even though the ingredients contained in VigRX Plus are all natural it’s still a good idea to get the “all clear” from your doctor.

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