VigRX Plus is considered one of the most popular products when it comes to male enhancement. With popularity comes the potential for scams. Not to mention the fact it’s only available for purchase online makes it more prone to people getting ripped off. Below is a link to the official website.

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In our VigRX Plus review we mention this briefly but wanted to provide more insight to the nature of the scamming that goes on.

There are quite a few vendors trying to pass off-brand enhancement pills as VigRX. If you find VigRX Plus being sold for less than the prices found at the official website, there’s a good chance you’re being ripped off.

There are cases where some products contain little to none of the authentic ingredients go into VigRX Plus pills. There have been cases reported of aspirin or even rat poison has been found in these bogus products!

As of December 2012, to combat fraud you’ll now find a unique authentication code on each package you order. You simply input that code at the official to verify its authenticity.

Keep in mind that if a package is missing the verification code it doesn’t mean it’s counterfeit. There’s still quite a few packages out there that were manufactured prior to December 2012.

If you suspect your tablets are counterfeit, the best way to tell is if you notice a white powder inside the pills or if the Leading Edge barcode is missing.

In summary, we want to ensure your safety so be careful where you buy from a reputable vendor. If you’re looking for the most secure way of buying VigRX Plus online, please do so at the link below. Don’t fall victim to an online scam.

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