Thank you for checking out our post on Extenze vs VigRX Plus. There are many folks like you looking for the best choice out of these 2 products so we decided to dig in to see who wins out in this head to head comparison.

Eztenze is a male enhancement pill you take once a day. It claims to give the user bigger, harder, more frequent erections. It also has the ability to give the user more intense orgasms.

It also claims to be effective because of its unique blend of herbal ingredients that’s been chosen to help increase blood flow to the penis while also strengthening erections.


VigRX Plus is also a male enhancement product that comes in the form of a pill that claims to improve sexual performance. It even goes as far as stating that with 84 days of use it’ll significantly improve a man’s sexual performance.

It states that it can increase your sexual desire, provide harder, longer-lasting erections while also allowing you to have better control over your erections.

To help make things easier, we’ve created a comparison chart of both products to help highlight the main things you’ll need to make the best choice.


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As you can see, both offer money back guarantees if you’re not at all happy with the results. Extenze does have a vast amount of ingredients compared to VigRX Plus but we didn’t find any clinical study showing if Extenze is proven to work.

The great thing is Extenze is available online as well as at your local retailer. While you have many options on where to buy the product, you lose all privacy when you buy via the brick and mortar business. Everything is handled/shipped discreetly when done online. Just something to think about.


Extenze Pros

+ Cheaper

+ Gives realistic results

+ Available at multiple outlets

+ Contains natural ingredients

Extenze Cons

– No clinical study

-Not FDA approved

VigRX Plus Pros

+ Proven clinical study

+ Contains natural ingredients

+ No known side effects

VigRX Plus Cons

– Expensive

– Not FDA approved

– Only available online


All in all, the vast majority that have used either product have been happy with their choice. As with any male enhancement product, it’s always a good idea to check with your doctor to get the all clear before using.

Extenze or VigRX Plus?

Based on our research done on both products, we feel the best option is VigRX Plus. While it’s the more expensive of the 2 products, we feel they’ve been able to solidify their results with a clinical study conducted by Vedic Lifesciences Pvt. LTD.

Not saying Eztenze is a bad product either. When there’s scientific evidence to back up one versus the other, it only gives more weight to the one that’s proven through studies.

Ready to take things to another level?

If you decide to give VigRX Plus a try, please make sure you get at LEAST a two month supply or more. The reason is you have 60 days money back guarantee. This takes all the risk off of you.

Even if you buy a year’s supply and decide on day 50 you’re not happy, you can still return the unused packages even though you’ve already used the first 2 and still get your money back.

If you’re ready to try VigRX Plus for yourself, visit the official website link below to get started.

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